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  • What is Terra Mundo?
    Terra Mundo is a unique immersive dining experience set over three courses that are inspired by three distinctly earthly environments; Forest, Fire and Ocean. It’s all about frequencies, energy and vibration. We’ve paired the high and low frequencies of sound and colour with the high and low notes in flavour so that for the first time, flavour will be represented in what you hear, taste, see and sense.
  • Tell me more please
    We’ve interpreted the flavour notes, sounds and colour of each magical earthly environment to bring you a stunning menu and flight of exquisite drinks. Each course has its own flavour profile and harmonic frequency where the paired flavour notes are amplified and enhanced by musical soundscapes and 360 degree wrap-around immersive visual projections to create a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.
  • Did you say ‘harmonic frequency’?
    Yes. The environment in which we consume our food and drink can have an enormous impact on our perception and appreciation of flavour… Sound and colour frequencies that make up audio and visual environments can greatly enhance our enjoyment of flavour. Rhythm, tempo, and the tonality in different instruments and the visual environment around us are all factors in affecting how we enjoy flavour. Terra Mundo takes this to the next level.
  • Is this the future of dining?
    Yes. It’s known as ‘eat-ertainment’. An ‘experience’. A ‘show’. We aim to redefine the way food, drink, music and visuals are experienced and enjoyed.
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    Accessibility differs from venue to venue. We make every effort to work with fully accessible venues. Please check back for updates.
  • Is there strobe lighting?
    Our immersive projections create a 360-degree projected environment and there are some flashing lights and moving images throughout the show but there is no strobe lighting. If you have concerns about photo-sensitive epilepsy, please email us for further clarification on the visual content of the Terra Mundo experience.
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