What is Terra Mundo?

Terra Mundo is a unique immersive dining experience set over three courses that are inspired by three distinctly earthly environments; Forest, Fire and Ocean. It’s all about frequencies, energy and vibration. We’ve paired the high and low frequencies of sound and colour with the high and low notes in flavour so that for the first time, flavour will be represented in what you hear, taste, see and sense.

Tell me more please

We’ve interpreted the flavour notes, sounds and colour of each magical earthly environment to bring you a stunning menu and flight of exquisite drinks. Each course has its own flavour profile and harmonic frequency where the paired flavour notes are amplified and enhanced by musical soundscapes and 360 degree wrap-around immersive visual projections to create a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Did you say ‘harmonic frequency’?

Yes. The environment in which we consume our food and drink can have an enormous impact on our perception and appreciation of flavour… Sound and colour frequencies that make up audio and visual environments can greatly enhance our enjoyment of flavour. Rhythm, tempo, and the tonality in different instruments and the visual environment around us are all factors in affecting how we enjoy flavour. Terra Mundo takes this to the next level.

Is this the future of dining?

Yes. It’s known as ‘eat-ertainment’. An ‘experience’. A ‘show’. We aim to redefine the way food, drink, music and visuals are experienced and enjoyed.


What’s included with my ticket?

Three delicious courses of exquisite food, four stunning drinks, and the fully immersive Terra Mundo audio and visual experience. You will receive a welcome drink followed by three courses - Forest, Fire and Ocean - each served with one paired drinks flight of your choice. The flavour pairings for each course are amplified and enhanced by our immersive 360-degree projections and our musical soundscape. There will also be appetisers/amuse-bouche.

What’s on the menu?

When you buy your ticket, you need to select your food choice and drinks pairing for each member of your party. We have aimed to be as inclusive as possible with our menu design - the choice of food menu for the three courses are:

  • Plant-based menu (vegan)
  • Pescatarian menu
  • or our ‘With Meat’ option
For your paired drinks’ flight of one drink per course, choose between:
  • Cocktails
  • Wines
  • Beers
  • or Non-Alcoholic Cockatils

Can I buy additional drinks?

If you would like additional drinks from our menu, these can be purchased and enjoyed responsibly during the show. We operate a cashless policy and as such only accept bank cards (contactless and chip & pin) and Apple Pay. We do not accept American Express.

Why do I have to make my food and drink choices before the night?

We need you to make these choices beforehand as we aim to be as waste-free as possible which requires our menu ordering to be as accurate as possible. Also, the service during the Terra Mundo event is timed to perfection so we need to know exactly what you have chosen to eat and drink beforehand so we can ensure the dining runs smoothly and on time for you and all of our guests. Due to logistical restrictions, choice of food and drink menus cannot be changed after they have been chosen unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Alcohol is being served. Is there an age restriction or other restrictions on entry?

We operate a strict over-18’s policy. Terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase. We will also be operating a ‘Challenge 25’ policy on site. If you are over 18 but are lucky enough to look under 25, you must bring acceptable photo ID with you. We have a legal duty to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone who cannot prove that they are over 18. We reserve the right to refuse entry to Terra Mundo. In accordance with Licensing laws, we operate a responsible service of alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse entry and to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone we suspect of being underage, to anyone we suspect of buying alcohol for an underage person or to anyone we consider intoxicated.

What about dietary requirements and allergies?

We have designed the three courses of Terra Mundo to be as inclusive as possible and to appeal across a broad range of dietary requirements. All our food is Gluten and Nut Free. Nuts are stored in the same space as our preparation so some trace nut allergens may be present. If you have any doubts about nut allergies, please contact us. The full list of allergens in our food menu can be found here. The vegan menu has been prepared in the same kitchen as the pescatarian and ‘with meat’ option but has not been contaminated with non-vegan foods during storage, preparation, cooking or service. DRINKS ALLERGEN INFORMATION TO FOLLOW. CHECK BACK SOON


What is your refund / exchange policy?

All tickets are non-refundable. Terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase. If you or one or more of your party can’t make it, you are welcome to give the ticket(s) to someone else. PLEASE NOTE: the food and drink choices made for the ticket cannot be changed.

Are group discounts available?

Not at this time.

Are walk-ups available on the night?

No - this event is only available to those who have booked tickets.


How long does Terra Mundo last?

From the time you arrive to the final lingering note, the Terra Mundo experience is just under two hours long. The main meal is a continual journey with no breaks.

What is the arrival procedure?

The Terra Mundo show will start exactly at the stated time on the ticket. You need to arrive between 30 minutes and 20 minutes BEFORE your show time. You will be introduced to your host and your menu choices will be checked. You will be escorted into the dining chamber in time for the start of the show.

Where will I sit?

The Terra Mundo dining chamber is a long table dining room set up. Seating is allocated by us. You will be sitting with all those on your booking.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you arrive after the show starts you will have to wait for an appropriate moment to be seated. Please note if you arrive late, you may miss out on some of the show and some of the food and drink. There will be no refunds offered in the event of a late arrival. We reserve the right to refuse admission. Terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase.


Is there strobe lighting?

Our immersive projections create a 360-degree projected environment and there are some flashing lights and moving images throughout the show but there is no strobe lighting. If you have concerns about photo-sensitive epilepsy, please email us for further clarification on the visual content of the Terra Mundo experience.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Accessibility differs from venue to venue. We make every effort to work with fully accessible venues. Please check back for updates.